hints (as of 9.11.11)

Hint #1.  Bring your pocket money for a quick treat. 

Hint #2.  A little piece of history.

Hint #3.  Another opportunity for something sweet.

Hint #4.  Another little piece of history

Hint #5.  If you reach this point, things will be heating up.

Hint #6.  Maybe I'm too kind, but if you climb to your roof, you can probably see this. 

Hint #7. These guys will be glad to help out if you'll stop by to see them!

Hint #8. Getting here should be easy as pie...apple pie, that is.

Hint #9.  Triple your pleasure and get major points.

Hint #10. You might be thirsty after a little time on the dusty trail.

Hint #11.  Steepest climb of the day, and not very close to home.

Hints are done for now.  Check the promo vid for a few more clues.  Full hint reveal this Friday the 23rd.