race handbook

This is not a typical road race.  You will work with your team of 2 to 5 to “tag” as many checkpoints as possible within a time limit of 7 hours.  Points will be awarded for returning quickly (see below) but all points are erased if you exceed the time limit.  Winning teams will not necessarily be the ones who ride the greatest distance at speed. 
There is no pre-determined course.  We will release ‘hints’ each week up until the event, allowing teams to put together a scheme for checkpoint collection.  The entire collection of checkpoints, apart from a few wildcards, will be released at least one week prior to race day.  Each checkpoint has a specific value (see below).

The start / finish / apres velo party will be at Bob's Big Gas Subs and Pub:  Google Map Link

*updated 9/11/11

Your team can enter as either Full Monty of Local Yokel.  Full Monty racers are those who plan to tackle points outside of the 'local' ones, while Local Yokels are more interested in taking in the sights of Winston-Salem and the immediately surrounding community.  All checkpoints will be released on 9/23/11, so racers could wait until this time or later to declare their category.  A Full Monty Team can earn points by tagging Local Yokel checkpoints, but the Local Yokels cannot receive points for hitting the distant points.  This is to prevent any temptation to sandbag, of course.

Each checkpoint will have certain directions for “tagging it” (photos, bringing back an item, getting a signature on the race passport, etc). Checkpoints have differing values, depending on distance, difficulty of access, or at the race directors’ whim (wildcards).  All checkpoints, aside from a few wildcards, will have published point values prior to race day.
Speed is rewarded.  Teams finishing in less than 7 hours will receive 3 points for each minute they are under this limit.  For example, if a team finishes in 6 hours, they receive 180 bonus points.
  • Follow all rules of the road.  We are all ambassadors for cycling and your safety is paramount.
  • Teams must stay together, and must finish together. You are only as fast as your slowest rider, so race as a team.  This rule can be waived in the event a rider is injured or a major mechanical issue arises, but the decision is at the discretion of the race directors.
  • Your team must finish within the allotted time to be counted.  The time limit is 7 hours from the moment you roll out.  If you go over the allotted time, any points you’ve accumulated will be expunged.
  • This is a cycling event (for the most part), and you must complete the event on your bicycle.  No transportation assistance via automobile, scooter, or hovercraft is permissible.
The terrain and surfaces composing the possible routes are variable.  This includes gravel and dirt roads, possible water crossings, steep hills, and the likelihood of other miseries including brief foot travel.  Please be assured that you can complete the ride by simply riding your bike, but some checkpoints will offer the opportunity to be more adventurous. 
Mobile phone coverage will be spotty in many areas.  Consider this as you prepare your supplies.
Required & Suggested Gear
  • Bicycle (road bikes recommended with at least 23-25c tires)
  • Helmet (required)
  • Digital camera (required)
  • At least one pair of walking/running shoes (suggested if you plan to tackle bonus point challenges at a few of the checkpoints)
  • Pocket Money ($10 would be the max needed to complete checkpoints tasks)

You may bring your own sag vehicle, but remember roads are open and all traffic laws apply.  Bring your own spare tubes, water, food, and other supplies you may need during the ride.  A list of supporting vendors (drug stores, general stores) will be provided.  Start / Finish will have some water available.  No support on the course will be provided by the race directors, view this race as your typical ride where you are responsible for yourself.
Race directors             
Barry Stevenson:  330-714-4279
Erich Grant:  336-416-6748