the low down

          10.1.11 //  Winston-Salem, NC // 10:00 AM

The idea for this event comes from our love of road rides and races that have a little bit of everything:  a crisp morning start, hours in the saddle over flats, hills, mountains, plus a farm road here and there...not to mention the adventure of wondering if we'll actually make it home before dark. 

The race centers on three ideas:  1). With your team of 2-5 members, ride as fast as you can to reach as many pre-determined checkpoints as possible, 2). Get back with time to spare and 3). Have a blast doing it.

The checkpoints are scattered across the piedmont and foothills of NC, within a 50-mile radius of the start/finish line.  The farthest and/or most difficult to reach checkpoints have the highest values (except for a few wildcard checkpoints with 'unknown' values).  This is balanced by time bonuses for an early return to the finish line.  Teams will need to carefully plot their course and assess their riders' abilities.  Did we mention there's a strict 7-hour time limit?   Return to the finish line in 7:00:01 and all of your points are erased.

Terrain will be varied, as will the surfaces.  A gravel road might be the quickest way to a checkpoint or the quickest way back to the finish.  Cobblestones are not out of the question. 

Not sure you want to tackle the 50-mile radius option?  Enter as a Local Yokel team and attack local and historic sites within Forsyth County.

Apres velo, we'll convene at Bob's Big Gas Subs and Pub to tally points, eat, drink, and hand out prizes. Mock Orange Bikes will be there to infuse some velo cache.  Make plans to stay into the evening and swap stories about what could easily be one of your most interesting days on a bike.  Ever.