About Us

We've all been there. Pulling our guts out on the front of a twitchy paceline. You know the rider behind you is revving up while you weaken with every pedal stroke. Ego, adrenaline, and hope push you five, then ten seconds more until you finally give to the call of every muscle fiber in your body and flick an elbow. As the train pulls through you stare at your handlebars, coasting for a moment before digging in again to hop on as the lanterne rouge and recover.

This is in vain, however, as you slip two, then three meters off the back with your heartrate still pegged. The gap expands as your lungs burn and your piston legs shudder with effort to close the ever-widening chasm between hanging on and shutting it down.

Too late.

The autodrop sneaks up on the best of us every once and a while, reminding us of the limits we thought we'd cast off with all that training, new equipment, or (insert your ritual here). We love it and relish its appearance. It means we're pushing hard and having fun. Wide open.

We're really here to enhance your two-wheeled experience by putting on events like none you've ever seen and producing select clothing items and accessories in the autodrop style . Think custom wool-blend jerseys by Road Holland.  Think teams of three to five, rally points, bonus points, and no course marshals. Think road bike / mountain bike duathlons. Think custom-blended embrocations made right here in NC. You never know what we'll cook up next.

Erich Grant and Barry Stevenson