open category race results

1st Place- Team Saddleblock
Finish Time- 6'02"
Mileage- 85 miles
Points- 11,224
highlights- tagged three gravel checkpoints, three food checkpoints, and forded the mighty, muddy Yadkin River

2nd Place- Big Gringos
Finish Time- 6'22"
Mileage- 85 miles
Points- 7889
highlights- forded the Yadkin River, triple humped, and three gravel checkpoints

3rd Place- Moore's Springs Trails p/b Doc Wheelies
Finish Time- 6'38"
Mileage- 87 miles
Points- 7341
highlights- triple humped, tagged three food checkpoints, hiked from Sauratown to Mountain Top Youth Camp

4th Place- Mellow Velo
Finish Time- 6'47"
Mileage- 70 miles
highlights- tagged a variety of the local yokels and open checkpoints, and spent an hour fording the Yadkin River!

5th Place- Keepers of Real
Finish Time- 5'00"
Mileage- 70 miles
Points- 3235
highlights- tagged Hanging Rock and Sauratown, and thoroughly enjoyed Frank's Pizza
(photo pending submission)