local yokels race results

1st Place- City Loop Mafia
Finish Time- 4'55"
Mileage- 68 miles
Points- 3,050
highlights- 12 sections of cobbles tagged, and every single LY checkpoint aside from Tanglewood Mansion

2nd Place- Kuhnull & Jooonyah
Finish Time- 3'33"
Mileage- 26 miles
Points- 2,271
highlights- father/son duo, made multiple pit stops at Bob's, one of which was a pit stop to bring the promoters Winkler's Bakery sugar cake!

3rd Place- Miss Guided
Finish Time- 2'33"
Mileage- ???
highlights- a team of four women cyclists, one of whom had a baby eight weeks ago!!

4th Place- PA Biker Chicks
Finish Time- 5'20"
Mileage- 37 miles
Points- 1975
highlights- a team of two women cyclists...this was their longest ride to date!

5th Place- Dream Smashers
Finish Time- 1'40"
Mileage- 6 miles
Points- 1215
highlights- a husband/wife duo. One of only two teams to shed blood in this adventurous race.